Photos 2

Here you can find some photos of the band in action.

Man_Jazz-036-Band-2 Man_Jazz-036-Full-Band-3 Man_Jazz-063-Alan-2 Man_Jazz-013-Roger-2
Man_Jazz-056-Mart-2 Man_Jazz-060-Eric-2 Man_Jazz-060-Eric-Trom-2 Man_Jazz-073-Colin-Bass-2
Man_Jazz-073-Colin-2 Man_Jazz-0091-Chris-2 Man_Jazz-0094--Ian-2

Marts Man Jazz 4


Older Photos

Mart-2 Eric-2 Allan-2 Roger-Colin-2
Chris-2 Ian-2


Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz on Shameless

Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz we asked to play a feature slot on the Channel 4 hit program ‘Shameless’

IMG_0234a IMG_0228a IMG_0233a




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