Welcome to Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz

Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz was formed in 1982. To this day they play their jazz based on the Traditional (TRAD) or Dixieland style. Four of the original  founder musicians are still members of the band.

Manchester is included in the title of the band because most of the players spent their young days performing at the many city centre venues which existed in the past.

Marts ManJazz 3, 4 or 5 are an alternative to the seven piece full band when venues or events are too small.






4 responses to “Welcome to Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz”

  1. Hi Mart, Hi all your bandmembers. I found an old picture from you and I remember our friendship.
    My band is new, ok, on New Orleans Sound.

    I want to know how about you all ?
    Are there any changes in your band ?

    What´s your stile?

    I wait for your replay.

    I teach poor childen to play trad jazz .
    Here nobody knows what is traditional jazz……!!!!!!!


    king porter stomp J F Missali cornet Alexandre Hage piano

    My regards and have you all a nice and jazzy new year.

    boys keep their swing …
    Joe Oliver is still alive in our hearts!

    1. Dear Joao,

      Thank you and I still have your cd. Good to hear from you and we need many young people to play our music here in the UK. We are still quite busy and we still play lots of Joe Oliver tunes.

      Regards Mart

  2. Hi Mart

    Remember me? I´m brasilian jazz man.

    My telefone call is

    João Francisco Missali


    São Paulo- SP Brasil

    1. Yes I remember you very well. Mart